Digital Asia Videos



Jung-Min Mina Lee (Duke University):
Finding the K in K-Pop Musically - A Stylistic History


Chuyun Oh (San Diego State University):
K-Pop Dance Music Video Choreography


Thomas Baudinette (Macquarie University):
Idol Shipping Culture - Exploring Queer Sexuality among Fans of K-Pop


Suk-Young Kim
(University of California, Los Angeles):
Competitive Advantage of K-Pop through Digital Media


Suk-Young Kim
(University of California, Los Angeles):
Squid Game, Netflix, and Viral Storytelling


Stephanie Choi (New York University)
K-Pop Idols: Media Commodities, Affective Laborers, and Cultural Capitalists


Tim Tangherlini (University of California, Berkeley)
Toward a K-Pop Choreography Macroscope: Deep Learning Methods For the Analysis of Popular Dance.


Wonseok Lee (The Ohio State University)
Sounds Beyond Current: The impact of the Korean government on musical diversity in K-pop


Youjeong Oh (The University of Texas at Austin)
Following the Footsteps of BTS: The Global Rise of K-pop Tourism