Undergraduate Design/Production Interview/Audition Requirements

Applicants who are REQUIRED to attend an Interview/Audition will be contacted starting December 13, 2019. A fee of $70.00 will be required to schedule an appointment.


Interview/Audition Appointment Scheduling

● Schedule the IN-PERSON Interview/Audition, if required.

- If an Interview/Audition is required, applicants will schedule an Interview/Audition Appointment online through their Acceptd account..
- A fee of $70.00 will be required to schedule an Interview/Audition appointment.
- U.S.-based applicants must attend an In-Person interview/audition. 
- International  applicants may participate in a virtual interview/audition by special request.



Interview/Audition Day Requirements

On the day of your appointment, there will be two parts to the Design/Production Interview/Audition:

    1. Information Session
    2. Interview/Portfolio Review

The total time you need to be present for your Interview/Audition appointment is between 3-5 hours.


A one-hour Information Session will be held for applicants and parents during the scheduled Interview/Audition period. You do NOT need to schedule additional time for the Information Session. At the Information Session you will learn about the UCLA Theater department, as well as our undergraduate curriculum. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the theater program. Parents are excused after the Information Session is over.


There will be a short interview during which you will discuss your goals and aspirations for studying theater in a university setting.

Design/Production applicants will also have a Portfolio Review.

Portfolio Requirements:

● Design Approach (6 page max).
- An Essay (2 page max) of your ORIGINAL design approach to any specific Early Modern production (i.e. Shakespeare, Spanish Golden Age, Ming or Qing Dynasties, etc.)
- Optional Supporting Images (2-4 page max) of your interpretation of your potential design approach.
● Portfolio (12 page max).
- An organized, visual representation of your technical skills, artistic abilities, experience, strengths
and potential in the area of Design/Production.
● For more information on the Design/Production Portfolio Requirements, click here.

IMPORTANT: Bring a hardcopy, paper version of your Design Approach and Portfolio materials as an 8.5" x 11" size packet to be collected by our faculty at the time of the interview with a COPY OF YOUR RESUME on the front page.

● Please DO NOT submit originals, copies ONLY. They will NOT be returned.

PORTFOLIO: Important Information & Tips

● Any realized (actually produced) project show: research, sketches, and production photos.
● High School class project work or personal projects research, or collage that inspired your approach to the design along with renderings and photos of models. Photos of light plots sections, theater prompt books, scenic drafting, or other production artifacts are all relevant and good to include.
● Please include imagery of costumes, scenery, props or items that you personally designed and or have built. Any craftwork or particularly interesting 3d projects may also be pertinent to show your artistic abilities. These items may or may not be theatre related; cosplay, reenactment work, or created props for yourself or a friend would be beneficial. The goal is to show your technical skills as well as your artistic abilities.
● Lastly, include any additional Fine Art related work that you have done. This might include drawings, paintings, portraits, 3d work such as pottery, puppets, weavings, and sculpture. Understand that we are looking to discover your artistic potential not just your Theater Design experience.

If you have Interview/Audition questions, contact audition@tft.ucla.edu for the quickest response, or (310) 206-4418. When leaving a message, please include your e-mail address.