Undergraduate Integrated Studies Interview/Audition Requirements

**For Fall 2020 admission, transfer students will not have access to the Directing continuum courses.

Applicants will be contacted ONLY if more information is needed and an Interview/Audition will be required. (An Interview/Audition is not always required for admittance. Therefore, not all applicants will be contacted.)

Applicants who are REQUIRED to attend an Interview/Audition will be contacted starting December 13, 2019. A fee of $70.00 will be required to schedule an appointment.


Interview/Audition Appointment Scheduling

● Schedule the IN-PERSON Interview/Audition, if required.
- If an Interview/Audition is required, applicants will schedule an Interview/Audition Appointment online through their Acceptd account..
- A fee of $70.00 will be required to schedule an Interview/Audition appointment.
- U.S.-based applicants must attend an In-Person interview/audition.
- International  applicants may participate in a virtual interview/audition by special request.



Interview/Audition Day Requirements


On the day of your appointment, there will be two parts to the Integrated Studies Interview/Audition:

1. Information Session
2. Interview

The total time you need to be present for your Interview/Audition appointment is between 3-5 hours.


A one-hour Information Session will be held for applicants and parents during the scheduled Interview/Audition period. You do NOT need to schedule additional time for the Information Session. At the Information Session you will learn about the UCLA Theater department, as well as our undergraduate curriculum. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the theater program. Parents or guardians are excused after the Information Session is over.


There will be a short interview during which you will discuss your goals and aspirations for studying in a university setting.

Integrated Studies Portfolio Requirements:

● Portfolio of Creative and/or Scholarly Work (5-15 page max).
- Include an additional Cover Page with a list of contents.
- A portfolio including AT LEAST TWO of the following areas
• Original scholarly or analytic writing.
• Original creative writing (if using an excerpt of a larger piece, include a short synopsis/context of the complete work).
• Sample(s) of original visual work, design, drawing, photography, etc.
- The total of all submitted portfolio work combined cannot exceed the 15 page maximum. No preference is given to one type of creative work over another.


As an Integrated Studies candidate, you have a great deal of leeway, provided you satisfy the basic requirements. Here are some additional tips:

● Be sure to combine the works into a single PDF.
● Include an additional COVER PAGE with a list of the portfolio's contents.
● ALL written and visual work you submit must be original, and should reflect who you are as a budding artist/scholar. Please do not include work that was co-authored or co-created with others.
● You may include samples of work you have done for a class, or documentation of creative work. You may submit new work, but it is not required to generate work specifically for this application.
● You may include an excerpt from a larger work. If you do so, please indicate that, and any other notation, on the COVER PAGE.
● If you choose to include a writing sample of a paper for which you received a grade, give us a clean draft (i.e., do not include your instructor's remarks or the grade).
● Keep individual writing samples to under 5 pages. Longer is not necessarily better. Leave us wanting more.
● Give thought to the selection and progression of the items you include. Include items that exhibit a range of theme, style, etc. Engage us.