The UCLA Film & TV Internship Program

Welcome to UCLA Department of Film, Television and Digital Media's Internship Program! We bring students and employers together to lay the foundations for successful careers and give companies access to UCLA's world-class student population.

The UCLA Film & TV Internship Program is open to enrolled students from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and the College of Letters & Sciences. Only juniors, seniors and graduate students are permitted to take film and television internships.

Our students are extremely dedicated, driven, and regularly receive high scores from employers. Every quarter we place interns at major entertainment companies and media productions in Hollywood. In return, we expect a unique learning experience and a professional work environment.


If you are an employer and want to become part of our exceptional roster of TFT approved internship companies, please enter through our Employer Gate. All listings will be reviewed by the UCLA Film & TV Internship Office and, upon approval, made available on our student intranet.

UCLA Students

If you are a UCLA student and looking for current internships, please enter through our Student Gate. Listings are only accessible to enrolled UCLA students.

Non-UCLA students

For non-UCLA students interested in Summer Internships the UCLA Department of Film, Television and Digital Media offers a Summer Institute in Creative Producing. This eight-week long track lets college students study the role of the creative producer or executive while engaging in entertainment industry internships.Open to current undergraduate students only (rising junior and above). Due to visa restrictions, international students who are not enrolled in a four-year U.S. academic institution are not eligible. For students holding completed bachelor's degrees, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television offers a 10-week Professional Program in Producing.

If you have questions, please contact us at