Screenwriters & Scripts

Kameron Blake Ackerman

Kameron Blake moved here from New York City in 2011, but has already morphed into an LA boy who can’t get enough sunshine. When he isn’t hunched over a computer somewhere writing, or procrastinating while thinking about writing, or banging his head against a wall in frustration over writing, he’s a pretty fun guy who enjoys tennis, hiking, movies and TV (duh!), theatre, reading, and traveling.

Screenwriter, Finding Father

A hooker recruits her childhood best friend from Catholic school, who is now a nun, to help her find her birth father. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking since the hooker broke her parole and is on the run.

Kameron Blake Ackerman

Kameron Blake moved here from New York City in 2011, but has already morphed into an LA boy who can’t get enough sunshine. When he isn’t hunched over a computer somewhere writing, or procrastinating while thinking about writing, or banging his head against a wall in frustration over writing, he’s a pretty fun guy who enjoys tennis, hiking, movies and TV (duh!), theatre, reading, and traveling.

Screenwriter, Young Divorcees

Television Comedy - A bunch of new friends must figure out "what’s next" as they all deal with the fact that they’re all unexpectedly divorced and not yet thirty.

Rita Rani Ahuja

Born on the East Coast, Rita grew up in the United States and India. Rita wrote, produced and directed Bombay Skies, which won numerous awards including Best Short Film at the 2008 La Femme Film Festival in Los Angeles. She produced the award-winning short films The Call, The Loop and Behind the Curtain starring Peter MacNicol. As an actor, Rita has trained under Larry Moss and in 2003 won the Images Award at the Filmi Film Festival in Toronto, Canada for her performance in the feature film, Trade Offs. Rita also worked on the feature film, Peep World, with Rainn Wilson, Taraji P. Henson, Michael C. Hall, and Judy Greer. Other Film/TV credits include a recurring role on the miniseries Sleeper Cell for Showtime, Happy Feet 2, and various independent films. Rita’s screenplay, MumBai Company, was an Honorable Mention in UCLA’s Professional Program Screenwriting Competition for 2012. She is currently completing her first year in the UCLA MFA Screenwriting Program. Rita is fascinated by the art of creation. Be it film, theater, or a character, Rita enjoys bringing it all together piece by piece.

Screenwriter, Before the Fall

A flight attendant with her head stuck in the clouds, travels first class on her down time, to meet her prince charming, but discovers she’s fallen in love with a man who’s a terror threat to the world and must rise above love and do what’s right, before it’s too late.

Laura Alsum

Laura Alsum is originally from Denver, where she worked in bank marketing by day and with a theatre company for people with disabilities by night. She has written for an award-winning comedy sketch show, Vox Phamalia, and in 2010 was a semi-finalist in the Zoetrope screenwriting contest. Laura enjoys writing coming-of-age and historical dramas, but also loves stories with magical and fantastical elements. She constantly thanks the universe for having the opportunity to work and write with the talented faculty and students at UCLA.

Screenwriter, Survival of the Fittest

Twelve-year-old Charlie Tubbs just wants to play baseball and be a star athlete, but is sidelined due to his progressive Friedreich’s ataxia. He must find another activity to prove to his school that he still belongs, and there is only one more left in the year – the science fair.

Gary Barmin

Gary is a television and feature writer from Boston by way of the former Soviet Union. He’s a 1st year student at UCLA’s MFA Screenwriting program. After college, he quickly departed the world of finance, wrote several specs and directed music videos for Boston artists. He spent a year in South Africa, speaks fluent Russian, and believes in one’s right to have her cake, and eat it too. Gary has interned at The Colbert Report, Walden Media, and Red Wagon Entertainment. He resides in Los Angeles.

Screenwriter, Shared Spaces

Sam, an aimless twenty something, lands a job as a receptionist for a group of weirdo misfits working out of a shared office space.

Screenwriter, The Eternal Life

A marine biologist discovers the woman he loves has a terminal illness. He goes on a journey to save her by examining a jellyfish that is, in a sense, biologically eternal.

Roxanne Beck

Roxanne Beck is a Los Angeles screenwriter. Originally from Arkansas, she worked in Nashville and New York as a singer and voice actor before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting. In 2010, she was thrilled to be accepted to UCLA’s graduate school of Theater, Film and Television. In the fall of 2012, Roxanne was honored to be chosen as one of eight screenwriters for the James Franco Initiative, a class formed to produce a group of short films based on Robert Boswell’s The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards. She wrote the adaptation of “Miss Famous,” starring Kristen Wiig (SNL, Bridesmaids) in the title role.

Screenwriter, The Intenders

Set in 2097. When an electromagnetic pulse attack takes out the power grid of an extremely high-tech United States, a college-bound young man becomes the sole support of his mother and dying father . . . until three teenagers from an alternate universe show up in his back yard. Their special powers may be the key to restoring not only electricity, but hope, to America.

Screenwriter, Unattainable

Intent on proving that a woman (Mary Sidney) wrote Shakespeare’s works, a young American PhD candidate travels to England to do her research. There she meets a sexy antique dealer and an Irish librarian who vie for her affections, along with a mysterious older gentleman who seems to believe that he is Shakespeare himself. He’s crazy, of course—or is he?

Lea Lehua Toulon Black

Lea Lehua Toulon Black is a passionate TV and feature writer who grew up on the island of Kauai. Drawing inspiration from a long line of storytellers and fable makers in her family tree, she is currently sharpening her skills in the MFA Screenwriting program at UCLA. Today, she lives is Southern California (when she's not traveling the globe) with her husband and two sons who help keep her life filled with unpredictable escapades.

Screenwriter, Kauai High

Stifled by scandals, secrets, and the press, Lily (16) and Ryan (17) Pearson, privileged kids of a wealthy Virginia senator run away from the polished brownstones of Washington D.C. to their Aunt's on Kauai, Hawaii.

Screenwriter, Under the Ice

A team of field scientists find themselves trapped under an ice shelf as it collapses. With communication severed, they must find their way out from beneath the ice before it’s too late.

Barnett Brettler

Barnett Brettler is a filmmaker born and raised in Long Island, New York. He has worked throughout New York City and Los Angeles, earning experience both on set and in the production office. This has included short and long term stints as a producer, editor, casting director, actor, writer, and photographer. He began earning recognition for his own body of work when he was named a top emerging artist by Student Filmmakers Magazine and Art For Progress. His short format productions have gone on to premiere at film festivals around the world. Whilst continuing his work as a script reader and director, Barnett is in the process of earning his masters degree from the acclaimed screenwriting conservatory at UCLA. He has several shorts - and features - currently in development bicoastally.



Screenwriter, The Book Of The Dead

A young Pharaoh journeys through the Land Of The Dead in order to save his deceased lover and claim his place as the rightful ruler of Ancient Egypt.

Andrea Brusa

He is an Italian screenwriter and producer. After graduating with honors at the Catholic University of Milan in Cinema and Television with a postgraduate specialization in Screenwriting and Producing, he started to work in development and production in Rome and New York. He also has a strong experience in PR and marketing, in which he worked for important international clients. Just in time as Italy was crushed by the economic crisis, he was accepted at UCLA where he is a 1st Year MFA Screenwriting student.

Screenwriter, Welcome to Blenger

In order to attract attention and raise money to overcome the economic crisis in Blenger, a small town in Texas, the Mayor and his deputy pretend that an old lady was killed by a thief. When a second body is found they quickly discover that someone in the community is copying their idea...

Steven Canals

A Nuyorican hailing from the South Bronx, Steven Canals is a feature writer. Steven recently transitioned into the film industry after a career in Higher Education/Student Affairs. Equipped with a BA in Cinema, and an MA in Social Science, from Binghamton University, this life long learner enjoys exploring the human psyche through character driven dramas.

Screenwriter, Mi Amor, Mi Corazon

With their sights set on the American Dream, three sisters move from Puerto Rico to the unforgiving streets of NYC and face the harsh realities of poverty, motherhood, and abusive relationships.

Pat Carey

I specialize in family and comedy scripts. I co-founded Switchblade Comb Productions, a collaboration between screenwriters and animators from the UCLA MFA programs. Our first animated TV pilot has recently attached a production company and an Emmy award winning showrunner. And in my bios, I always include a reference to my family's restaurant in Boston, Kelly's Roast Beef, however random and unwarranted.

Screenwriter, Super Charlie, Sleepwalking Hero

A meek ten year old discovers he has superpowers, but only while he's asleep.

Justin Dean

Filmmaker Justin Dean first learned how to write on cardboard when he had to make signs, pleading for money to help him survive after an undergraduate acting degree left him defenseless. Mostly, this type of behavior occurred in West Los Angeles, but once Justin was outside of a massage parlour in the Valley and he met Bob Saget. Actually, it was inside of an Irish pub in Westwood, but massage parlour sounds so much more exotic. Immediately best friends, they made plans to meet after one of Bob’s shows at the Laugh Factory, but Bob stood Justin up. Although, it should be noted that Justin’s date got wasted for free and she met Norm MacDonald. Years later, Justin met Bobby Roth and shadowed him on episodes of Prison Break and Criminal Minds, but there was nothing funny about that because Bobby is a good guy. Justin decided to go back to ucla for a graduate degree when he realized that his new cardboard signs lacked the proper structure and marketing potential that the professional pan-handler’s had in their Hollywood blockbuster billboards. Aspiring to work with the likes of, a Kardashian [any one, they’re all ballers], Bob Saget [I’m coming for you, Bob!], or anyone with Anderson as their third name, Justin could also play defense for the new Los Angeles football team too, although he’d rather not make a firm commitment because he doesn’t like watching football and can’t guarantee that he’ll make it to practice. It should be noted that Justin has a YouTube channel with over 100 subscribers and counting, and he likes shoes and dogs as well. Justin also has an average singing voice and he loves serenading his new friends in Los Angeles when they work together on feature film projects [wink] as long as he doesn’t get too nauseous. Justin Dean, coming to a Sidewalk near you! Whether it’s on a billboard or if it’s actually Justin, begging for money . . . and attention. And, okay, I’ll watch a couple football games with you next season if you add me on facebook. Justin Dean. I can also be quiet if that’s your thing.

Screenwriter, Finding Myselves

Upon returning to UCLA for a graduate degree in screenwriting, writer/director Justin Dean discovers that through time travel he can affect his future and former selves, but his time is limited because his future self is dying.

Kynan Dias

Kynan Dias is a writer and actor, born in Honolulu and raised in Las Vegas. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degrees in film from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, he taught screenwriting and film history there for several years. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he is earning a master’s degree in screenwriting at UCLA.

Screenwriter, The Pupil

When a boarding school student discovers his favorite teacher’s dark secret, the boy blackmails the teacher to act as his surrogate boyfriend.

Lisa Ebersole

LISA EBERSOLE’s plays have been performed off-Broadway in New York and regionally and published by Samuel French. She wrote and directed the feature film BROTHER (premiere at Tribeca Cinemas); the short film, PUDDIN’ (premiere at The Palm Springs Film Festival); and numerous animated movies for the kids web site BrainPOP.com of which she is a founder. Lisa's feature screenplay DATE CAMP was a winner in The 2012 Page Awards. Currently, Lisa is an MFA SCREENWRITING candidate at UCLA’s school of Theater, Film, and Television. She divides her time between New York and Venice Beach.

Screenwriter, Wish You Were Dead

A jilted woman enlists the world's greatest cheater to help her exact revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend, but then she falls for him. Feature

Jennifer Edwards

Facts fade but stories stick. This idea guided Jennifer Edwards’s life, even before she heard it said so alliteratively. She was in second grade the first time she tried to get anything published—a short story gem about Billy and a snow storm. She’s still waiting to hear back. Though she always knew she wanted to write, she had other goals too, like bringing peace to the Middle East. While volunteering to teach English to Ethiopian and Sudanese refugees during her junior year abroad in Egypt, she decided to teach. And now, after 14 years of teaching high school in Houston, TX, her internal GPS recalculated her route to writing bringing her to the UCLA MFA Screenwriting program. No experience has been a waste, for each has shown her that peace comes from understanding and understanding comes from stories, not facts. So as far as her writing career goes, she feels early, late and still right on time.

Screenwriter, Cheaters

17-year-old NIKKI wants a future away from the heartache and poverty she was raised in but when she covers for a friend, she collides with an ambitious assistant principal jeopardizing everything—her grades, her scholarship, and her relationships.

Hasmik Ekimyan

Hasmik Ekimyan was born in the ancient city of Yerevan, Armenia and was raised in the not-so-ancient-but-still-great-city of Los Angeles, California. She studied literature at UCLA as an undergraduate, where she graduated top of her class as Summa Cum Laude. Then, to pursue her dreams and to soothe her separation anxiety, she directly began her graduate studies at UCLA in the MFA Screenwriting Program. She is one of this year's Screenwriters' Showcase co-producers. When not writing, Hasmik devotes her time to devising a plan that will lead to world peace and will win her the Nobel Peace Prize she always wanted.

Screenwriter, EL GRUPO

In an attempt to find inspiration, an animator travels to South America with two childhood friends. Although their journey yields many colorful adventures, it also unearths the problems in their friendship and in their individual lives.

Screenwriter, POLARIS

TV Drama: A planet made up of various races that are in constant conflict with one another find themselves united against a common foe when humans arrive and in so doing call into question the difference between villainy and victim, humanity and alien.

Tessa Fixter-Coniglio

Tessa Fixter-Coniglio, a native of upstate NY, moved to L.A. to pursue her M.F.A in screenwriting to pursue her lifelong passion for film. She graduated from Skidmore College in 2008, obtaining a degree in History and German. In the years before coming to UCLA she lived in Washington DC and in Germany, where she had a Fulbright Scholarship. Though she would like to try her hand at many different genres, her primary writing interest is in character driven dramas.

Screenwriter, Anita

In 1920s Berlin, Anita Berber, Berlin’s queen of the underworld, burst into the expressionist dance movement. In her desperate search for love and admiration she falls victim to her own persona.

Thomas Gamburg

A graduate of UC Berkeley, the UCLA Professional Program for Screenwriters, and the New Actors Workshop, Thomas Gamburg is a Russian-born, San Francisco-bred screenwriter and current MFA candidate at UCLA. He writes action, thrillers and dramas for features and television. His other passion is fiction in the crime and literary genres. Thomas spent many eventful years working in theatre, films and television across the country and internationally before settling into writing full-time. Recognition: Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist, 2012; The Judith Stronach Prize for Prose; The Elizabeth Mills Crothers Prize for Fiction; The Julia Keith Shrout Short Story Prize.

Screenwriter, Interpol

Television Drama - The Departed meets Alias. Benjamin Lansing, a tenacious young FBI agent with a dark past, joins a new elite task force assigned to infiltrate the Russian mafia and capture a depraved arms dealer gone rogue. When the leader of his unit is brutally murdered and the identities of his team are compromised, Lansing forces a showdown, unlocking a global conspiracy that threatens to destroy his family and the FBI.

Screenwriter, Shards

A rogue Navy SEAL fights to save his wife before she's beheaded by the world's most wanted terrorist.

Jennifer Gimblin

Jennifer Gimblin is a first-year in the MFA Screenwriting program who loves comedy and zombies, sometimes together, sometimes not. Descended from a pasty tribe of teachers, Jennifer has amassed a long list of random educational experiences, including a BA in film studies from UCSB, an AA in drama from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (West), basic and advanced seminars in the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, some boring coursework in IT project management, and a class in making chocolate, just for the hell of it. Jennifer is extremely grateful to friends, family and some amazing teachers along the way for all of their encouragement and support.

Screenwriter, From Out That Shadow

A washed-up reporter races to follow a trail of clues across Baltimore in search of the one person who can clear him of a murder charge, but keeps finding himself trapped in perilous situations straight out of Edgar Allan Poe stories along the way.

David Goldblum

David Goldblum is a TV writer from New York. David was the recipient of the UCLA/Participant Media Fellowship (2011), selected as a Telluride Film Festival Film Lab Fellow (2011) and recipient of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Fellowship Award (2012).

Screenwriter, Prep

Television Drama - A trailer park kid struggles to find his identity when he is recruited to play basketball at the most prestigious prep school on Long Island.

Tamlin Hall

Tamlin won a 2012 HUMANITAS Prize for his comedy pilot, YOUNG. He is the writer/ director/producer on the ‘UCLA Single Dad’ commercials. After graduation, Tamlin plans to head back to his Georgia hometown to direct LISTEN TO ME, a true story set in the mid-’90s about a popular teen who falls from grace after he self-medicates his undiagnosed mental illness. “Listen To Me” was a Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist script. Tamlin is a member of SAG/AFTRA and holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia.

Screenwriter, GUTS

After a prescription pill mixup lends courage to a cowardly high school counselor, he sets out to date the school’s most popular teacher, even though he suspects that she’s maybe plotting to kill the principal.

Peter Hanson

Peter Hanson is the director of the feature-length screenwriting documentary “Tales from the Script,” and the author of the books “Dalton Trumbo, Hollywood Rebel” (a finalist for the Theatre Library Association Award), “The Cinema of Generation X,” and “Tales from the Script: 50 Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Stories.” Short films he has written and directed include “Closure” and the award-winning “Stagehand.” Other accomplishments include co-writing the narrative feature “The Last Round,” and creating and writing the blog “Every ’70s Movie.” A Michigan native, Hanson studied film at NYU before enrolling in the Screenwriting MFA program at UCLA. He lives in Beverly Hills.

Screenwriter, BREAKAWAY

When a maverick Montana rancher declares his property an independent nation within the U.S., an ambitious reporter goes undercover to infiltrate the ranch and finds an insidious conspiracy hidden behind an idealistic façade.

Screenwriter, STATEHOUSE

Television Drama: A broken-down journalist gets a shot at redemption when he breaks a big story and reclaims his old job reporting on the New York state government in Albany, but moral dilemmas raised by the stories he covers force him to make difficult choices. Meanwhile, his personal life is complicated by alcoholism, friendships with political figures, and messy romantic entanglements.

Turner Hay

Turner is a transplant from scenic Charlottesville, Virginia, where everyone wears khakis and worships at the altar of Thomas Jefferson. Despite his gentle heart and sheltered upbringing, Turner’s scripts are populated with violent men who inhabit criminal subcultures, and are lightened by healthy doses of humor. After all, Turner believes that a script, above all else, should be fun.

Screenwriter, The Ridge

After abandoning the notorious Red Jack Gang to retire in peace, King Philips is drawn back into a life of violence when he agrees to help a young boy track down his father, who happens to be Red Jack himself.

Geert Heetebrij

Geert Heetebrij is the writer of Sundance feature A FOREIGN AFFAIR starring David Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, and Emily Mortimer. Roger Ebert gave it a 'Thumbs Up!'

Screenwriter, The Lands Beneath the Earth

A young family buys a foreclosure. In the backyard, the kids discover the entrance to tunnels that lead to other worlds. But villains of those worlds follow them back home and abduct the whole family into the lands below.

Justin Hillian

It took me a long time to learn what they tried to teach me in kindergarten. Do your homework, then go play. Go Bruins and Go Blue!

Screenwriter, Penis Envy

Television Comedy - After four years in Afghanistan, a soldier returns to the U.S. and moves in with his brother only to find out that his brother is now a flaming homosexual.

Kevin Human

I grew up in the tiny mill town of Pelzer, SC, and I am endlessly fascinated by the paradoxes of southern culture. More often than not, these contradictions find their way into my writing. I am also a lover of science fiction and fantasy. I write to not be alone, to do my part to gather my tribe by the campfire and tell stories that move us all forward.

Screenwriter, Familiar

Television Drama - When a young man fails to summon a powerful Familiar, his father banishes him to the Old City. He becomes involved in a counter-culture movement that could change the world.

Screenwriter, The Ballad of the Redneck Mech

A teenage girl runs away from home to become a mech pilot.

Oliver Karan

Oliver Karan was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. He briefly studied German language and literature at the University of Hamburg before working as a staff editor for European urban magazine Backspin. He was also a recording artist at German hip hop label Deluxe Records (EMI/Capitol). While at Deluxe, he released several albums and toured extensively throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. After moving to the U.S. in 2007, Oliver studied Film and Creative Writing at the University of Miami, where he won the Isaac Bashevis Singer Prize, the school's annual fiction writing competition. He subsequently moved to Los Angeles and worked as a development assistant before entering UCLA's Screenwriting MFA program. He is currently in his 2nd year.

Screenwriter, Beatsmith

When he finally gets a shot at success, a young Miami hip hop producer struggles to reconcile his ambition with his loyalty to his best friend.

Dana Kendler

Dana Kendler is a TV and Feature writer in the Showrunner track of the MFA in Screenwriting program at UCLA, class of 2013. She is also a graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting and has had two short films in the festival circuit. Dana hails from Chicago and is gluten free most of the time.

Screenwriter, Flash

A jaded paparazzo is on a quest for the perfect photo of a starlet’s four-year-old girl, but when guardian angel Greta Garbo begins to interfere, he finds himself heading towards love and redemption instead.

Screenwriter, Jack and Me

Television Drama: On the day of her husband’s inauguration as President of the United States, the First Lady finds herself doubting her abilities until the ghost of JFK shows up to convince her otherwise.

Neville Kiser

Before UCLA, Neville received a BA in Journalism from Taylor University, and an MA in Theology and Arts from Fuller Theological Seminary. He spent two years living in rural China teaching English and Film, and recently went on a spiritual pilgrimage to Ingmar Bergman’s birthplace in Uppsala, Sweden for his 30th birthday. Neville is the fourth of eight children, and originally from the great mitten state of Michigan. He’s the recipient of the Jack Oakie Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Screenwriting, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences’ Fellowship (2012), and the Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme Scholarship (2011). After UCLA, Neville hopes to work on staff of a television show in order to write his past wrongs, one episode at a time.

Screenwriter, Man of Sorrow

The story of OSCAR WILDE'S fall from renowned playwright to penniless prisoner, beginning with his unjust arrest on April 6, 1895.

Screenwriter, Salvation

Christian southern belle EMILINE JENKINS (28) moves to Paris to join a team of Evangelical missionaries, believing this will help save her broken marriage and failing faith.

Ben Kopit

Ben Kopit is a 2012 UCLA Showcase Honoree, winner of a 2012 National Association of Theatre Owners of California/Nevada Fellowship in Film, a finalist (so far) in the 2013 Sloan Screenwriting Fellowship, and runner up for the 13th Annual Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest. He likes to think he would have won more if he were better about applying for awards, but admits there’s no way to tell. He has had 1 play produced, several short films, and is in pre-production on his first feature.

Screenwriter, The Libertine

A powerful French politician is forced to endure house arrest with his estranged wife as he awaits trial for sexual assault.

Noga Landau

Noga Landau is a screenwriter born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her childhood became exciting in 1992, when Santa Fe built its first and only escalator. Unfortunately, it broke down several years later, and Noga decided to leave town and seek her fortune. She writes horror, thriller, and action. She's still waiting for someone to fix the damn escalator. Awards: 2012 Austin Film Festival Semifinalist, 2012 Screamfest Horror Film Festival Finalist, American Zoetrope Quarterfinalist.

Screenwriter, A-25142

A CIA officer enlists the help of a mysterious group of Cold War assassins to help him hunt down a powerful arms trafficker. But a woman shows up to thwart his mission—a woman he comes to realize could be Anne Frank.

Anthony Joseph Marchisello

Originally from Kansas City where he worked in the schmatta business, AJ is still searching for great BBQ in Los Angeles. While completing his MFA in Film & Television at UCLA, AJ was the recipient of the Jack Nicholson Award in Screenwriting, a Telluride Film LAB Fellow, a TheWrap/HBO Fellow, and was chosen to be a Teacher's Assistant for Co-Chair Hal Ackerman in the year-long UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting - the same program in which he placed in its annual Screenwriting Contest as a student before he went on to the MFA. AJ also co-wrote a sci-fi thriller TV pilot which will be produced Spring 2013.

Screenwriter, Giant Town

A hermit's entire town disappears in the middle of the night, but when he discovers the town was built on the back of a sleeping giant, he is forced to team up with the giant's young (but still gigantic) son to bring the "giant town" home.

Screenwriter, Pandora

A single mother struggles to hide her secret life as a descendent of the goddess Pandora, but when her daughter learns the truth, it comes with a catch: her bloodline has been cursed with the task of hunting down all of the Evils released from Pandora's Box millennia ago.

Heather Marion

Heather Marion is a writer, actress, comedienne, and heiress to a sizeable Funeral Home empire in South Central Nebraska. She shelved her knowledge of All Things Embalming to flee the Midwestern pressures to procreate and behave practically. To support her vicious writing and actressing habits, she worked at Dairy Queen, wrote news articles about trains (the choo-choo kind), and tutored a soccer team of oversexed Brazilian men in New York City. Happily settled in Los Angeles, she writes scripts, rushes to auditions, and performs improv and sketch comedy. She relinquished her social soul four years ago when she became a “Hollywood Assistant.”

Screenwriter, Lions

Luka, a Lost Boy of South Sudan, fled his village when it was attacked by Arab militia. He became the unlikely leader of a group of young boys trekking nearly 300 miles across the desert toward a refugee camp in Ethiopia, with the hopes of a better life. Throughout his journey, ultimately leading to relocation in Nebraska, Luka is determined to find his sister, Juliet, who he believes survived the attack.

Screenwriter, Snow

Television Drama - The story of Snow, a homeless junkie on the streets of Chicago, who responds to her sister’s dying plea to “finish what she started.” Snow discovers that her sister was a private investigator who had discovered an agency that orchestrates disaster to keep the “order” they intend. Snow battles her addiction while piecing together information about the agency in order to bring it down.

Josephine Martorana

Josephine Martorana comes from a documentary film background where she has served as a cinematographer and associate producer on projects ranging from blind bowlers to bird watchers. As colorful as these projects were, she enjoys the less limiting nature of fiction. She aims to write for television where lying is encouraged.

Screenwriter, True Crime

Television Drama - When an overly absorbed crime reporters’ seemingly normal mother is incarcerated, Greer is tasked with writing the “truth” while she continues to document homicides inside the police headquarters of lower Manhattan.

Felischa Marye

Felischa Marye is an MFA candidate in the prestigious UCLA screenwriting program. She transitioned into the film industry after a successful career in public relations/integrated marketing, most recently serving as Vice President at a Chicago PR firm where she led account teams for blue-chip brands. Felischa's skills as a marketer serve her well in balancing art with commercial appeal in her work, which has spanned both the comedy and drama genres. Since her time at UCLA, her projects have been recognized with a variety of industry honors. Her drama TV pilot, "A Grand Life", was named a finalist for the Humanitas Student Fellowship.

Screenwriter, A Grand Life

Television Drama - When an eleven year-old, troubled girl is released from a Chicago juvenile detention center just in time to reunite with her mother, go back to her old neighborhood, hang out with her friends and get back to all her familiar shenanigans, her no-nonsense grandparents show up instead and move her to a new, middle-class neighborhood. In turn, this community unites to raise her, whether she likes it or not.

Screenwriter, Love Squared

When her philandering ex-husband gets amnesia, a middle-aged, bitter divorcee becomes his caretaker and tries her damndest not to fall in love with him all over again.

Duncan McIntosh

Duncan McIntosh is a British born-and-raised writer now residing in Los Angeles. Although baffled by the sunny weather, Duncan fills his time writing animated TV, TV comedy and features with an eccentric, trouble-making twist. He is one of this year’s Showcase co-producers, a co-founder of Switchblade Comb Productions and the recipient of the 2012 Jack K. Sauter Award, Best Feature and Best Writer at the 15th UCI Screenwriting Festival and a 2011 Sloan Foundation finalist among others.

Screenwriter, Hindenburg! A Jack Lillywhite Adventure

Tarantino meets Titanic, in the sky. In 1937, as the world rolls towards a 2nd Great War, ex-secret serviceman, Jack Lillywhite is reluctantly roped into a surveillance mission aboard the mighty Hindenburg; but when a horrifying secret is discovered he is forced to weigh his own life against those of countless others in a rip-roaring tale of international espionage, doomed love and intrigue.

Screenwriter, In Capability's Hands

Single cam sitcom. Aloof hipster, Orson Roscoe and conflict-adverse FBI agent, Scarlet Piper are immersed in the barmy world of eccentric English gent/conspiracy nut, Capability Brown when he discovers a plot so maniacal and far-fetched that only he fathom it, let alone stop it. The first piece of the puzzle is Ervin Shady, Orson’s ex-boss and owner of “Shady’s Meatball Emporium”; how does this relate to the McRib, the Meat Industry Hall of Fame and anarchy on the streets? Capability and co are about to find out!

Alec Moore

Alec Moore is a Brooklyn native and a graduate of Haverford College, a school so prestigious that most people have never heard of it. He is bent on world domination, which works out well, because that means that with regards to the super-villain in his feature script “The Ninth Life of Cat-Man”, he’s writing what he knows.

Screenwriter, The Ninth life of Cat-Man

After Cat-Man dies for the eighth time, he retires from the Fabulous Five because he’s got no extra lives left, but then Dr. Doomsday threatens the world with an army of giant rats with lasers for arms, and eliminates most of the remains of the Fabulous Five. Cat-Man must team up with his sexy arch-nemesis Brickthena and his former teammate Colonel Canada to try to save the world.

Screenwriter, Weekends With Daddy

Television Comedy - A hard-partying womanizer in his late 30s has his life disrupted when his ex-wife grants him weekend custody of their seven year old daughter. He must juggle his single lifestyle with trying to be a good dad and teaching his daughter to avoid men like him in the future.

Mona Nahm

Mona Nahm is a Thai-American filmmaker. Unable to complete high-school, she returned to adult school at 26. She earned her BA in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University and is currently pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA. An advocate for education, she hopes to teach one day.

Screenwriter, Coming Home

After serving a year in jail, Josephine Cooper, a defiant, teenage runaway returns home with hopes of changing her life, only to discover that she’s an outsider to the community and family she once left behind.

Screenwriter, Julian Thieves

Julian Thieves depicts the rise and fall of C.C. Julian, an ambitious, power hungry oil promoter, who uses his charm to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the top during the 1920s oil boom in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Jessica Nikkel

Jessica Nikkel hails from Portland, Oregon, and is currently in the second year of UCLA’s MFA Screenwriting program. Jessica has written ten features and several shorts, and was the 2012 winner of the Stephen N. Gershenson Award for comedy writing. A Walk in Winter, a short film she adapted from the story by Robert Boswell, was shot in February and stars James Franco. Prior to attending UCLA, she worked in the non-profit arts field -- in both theater and classical music -- and produced the Made in Oregon play reading series for JAW: A Playwrights Festival at Portland Center Stage.

Screenwriter, Marrying Chris Turley

When an 18-year-old Mormon boy is killed, his mother embarks on a mission to find a wife to keep him company in the afterlife.

Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick was born and raised in Kansas but has never seen a tornado, although he has seen half of the movie “Twister.” He writes features and TV, and while he’s dabbled in the thriller and horror genres, anymore he loves writing comedy. Dan’s a first year MFA in Screenwriting student and works part time as a freelance script reader at one of the “big four” talent agencies. He’s a graduate of UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting. Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and friends and exploring LA for new ethnic foods with which to delight his taste buds and torture his stomach.

Screenwriter, Mossberg and Sanchez, Resort Detectives

Television Comedy - A drunken, skull-cracking ex-Chicago PD Homicide detective is paired up with an uptight, by-the-books former Mexican police officer at a sprawling beach front resort in majestic Cancun, Mexico where they try, and ultimately fail, to reconcile their grossly conflicting detective styles to solve petty, resort-specific crime.

Daniel F. Perez

Born to a pair of very sensible Cuban immigrants, Daniel F. Pérez spent a nomadic childhood in Texas, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, and Florida before landing at NYU´s Tisch School of the Arts. After completion of his undergraduate degree he moved to Los Angeles, appeared in a documentary about his beard, and then made his way to Spain to teach English. In Madrid he lived first among a congregation of surly nuns and then with an even surlier American rentboy. He returned to LA after being invited to join the MFA in Screenwriting program at UCLA. Since then much of his focus has been on writing for one hour television, often with a supernatural element. He takes his comedy dry and his drama juicy.

Screenwriter, Valkyrie

Television Drama - When courageous medical student LISA KIM dies in what seems to be a random liquor-store robbery, she is chosen by the gods of Valhalla to become a Valkyrie and recruit the bravest souls of Earth for an impending war of the Heavens.

Robert Phelps

Screenwriter and director Robert G. Phelps is a 2013 graduate of the UCLA Screenwriting MFA Program and has taught screenwriting at De Anza College. Selected for the UCLA showrunner track, he received the Ron Baham Memorial Fellowship in Comedy Writing for his animated sci-fi sit-com, “Shrunken Shrinks,” and created the concept for “Superhero,” an LA Area Emmy nominated PSA. His film noir short, “Bound to Kill,” was selected for the Bobby Moresco Filmmaking Intensive and his horror-black comedy “The Tamer,” received an honorable mention in the Shockfest Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Screenwriter, The Geo's Mouthpiece

Television Drama - In the future, Hollywood criminal defense attorney, Jake Blackstone, specializes in representing “Geos,” Genetically Engineered Organisms, who have recently been granted legal protection under the U.S. Constitution. Jake defends a combat engineered “G.I. Geo” accused of murder, forcing Jake to decide whether to reveal his own dark past as an appliance liquidator; one who kills Geos for profit. Jake's reputation, his career, his girlfriend and his client's life hang in the balance.

Rocco Pucillo

Born and raised in Chicago, Rocco Pucillo moved to Los Angeles and found work as a bouncer on Sunset Strip. At the Rainbow Bar & Grill, he perfected how to quickly eject drunken rockers using only gravity and a flight of stairs. This ability to solve problems with efficiency soon translated into a career in film production. Rocco’s feature credits include The Polar Express, Monster House, The Simpsons Movie, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Snow White and the Huntsman and RIPD. While earning a paycheck and gaining experience, Rocco listened and learned from the creative minds behind these projects. He co-wrote, co-directed and produced an independent feature that played at San Francisco International and Toronto Independent film festivals. Recently, Rocco committed himself to pursue his true passion as a writer, enrolling in UCLA’s Screenwriting MFA Program. He is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and the Producers Guild of America. Rocco is married and has two young daughters, who make him feel like a bouncer everyday.

Screenwriter, Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow

Set in the world of bugs where spiders are the cops, renowned Inspector Sun takes a trip to San Francisco after finally capturing his arch nemesis Red Locust, but a murder on his flight draws him into a plot that shows his past might be following him.

Cole Quirk

Cole Quirk is a writer and performer living in Los Angeles. She has been seen on stage at iO West, Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre NY & LA, The People's Improv Theater and Comix Comedy Club. Her videos can be viewed on YouTube, FunnyorDie, UCBComedy as well as ColeQuirk.com. Quirk is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and will complete her UCLA MFA in Screenwriting Spring 2013. Upon graduation, she will pursue a career in television writing.

Screenwriter, Vintage Evidence

A high school girl uses clues from a vintage dress to reopen an unsolved missing persons case.

Nicole Riegel

Nicole is a screenwriter in the UCLA MFA program and former soldier in the U.S. Army. She writes features and one hour dramas.

Screenwriter, Lynch

The true story of Jessica Lynch, a 19 yr old girl from West Virginia becomes the first Prisoner of War to be rescued since WWII but exposes the military, media and Bush Administration for using her to deceive the American public in order to build support for waging two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Janis Robertson

Janis Robertson hails from the mean streets of Southern California wine country. Now she's working on her MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, where she was a 2012 Showcase Winner in Television and recipient of the Stephen J. Friedman Award in Screenwriting. In another life, she has worked for CG companies Industrial Light + Magic and Blur Studio. She also has a pet unicorn.

Screenwriter, Billy the Kid

Consumed by a quest for the revenge of his mother's death, Billy the Kid becomes an infamous outlaw in the wild west.

Jarod Roe

One of the winners of the 2011 UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting Competition, Jarod has spent many years working in Post Production, specifically the finishing of marketing materials. He has supervised the finishing of Trailers and TV Campaigns for most of the major studios. He has worked on many high profile films including, “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “Law Abiding Citizen”, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close", “Valentine’s Day”, “The Grey”, “Warm Bodies”, and Steven Soderbergh’s latest film “Side Effects”.

Screenwriter, Immaculate

After the loss of his wife, a minister's faith is lost. But what he believes is put to the ultimate test when he is abducted by a woman who believes her son was Immaculately Conceived by the Devil.

Jason Romaine

Jason Romaine is a screenwriter and comedy writer. A graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, he’s currently receiving his MFA at UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television. His sitcom pilot, Segway, placed top ten in the 2012 Page Awards. He currently co-hosts the podcast, Homeo and Juliet, with fellow comedian and Wake Forest alum, Mary Patterson Broome. His goal is to one day be hugged by Oprah. Follow his blogs, podcast, and 140 character musings at www.jasonromaine.com.

Screenwriter, Retired Parents

Sitcom pilot: When his energetic wife joins him in retirement, a couch potato curmudgeon is forced to turn off the TV and reconnect with his family and the millennial world they live in. Retired Parents: some boomers are late bloomers.

Screenwriter, Three Inch Heels

When a teenage boy begins wearing three inch heels to middle school, he must fight off bullies to claim his identity and find a date to the Valentine’s dance. Three Inch Heels: walk as tall as you can. (Inspired by True Events)

Nathan Rulf

Before arriving in L.A. as a screenwriter, Nathan Rulf directed and produced the award-winning 2009 indie feature The Chinese Room and was nominated as 'Indie Auteur of the Year' at its premiering festival. He's since been involved with several shorts and the 2011 Sundance-awardwinning feature documentary Resurrect Dead. Before his years in Washington DC and Philadelphia, Nate double-majored in Philosophy and Film Studies at the University of Michigan. His mornings often include The New Yorker and Pop Tarts.

Screenwriter, Panic Trigger

A detective disabled by a fear of doctors finds the one shrink who can help him, but discovers that all the patients she's cured are dead – killed by the objects of their own phobias.

Alex Runnels

Alex Runnels hates writing about herself.

Screenwriter, The Captive

In 1676, during Metacom’s War, Puritan mother, Mary Rowlandson, is kidnapped by hostile Native Americans and must survive captivity in order to reunite with her children.

Davita Scarlett

Davita Scarlett is a television writer who occasionally writes features. She hails from Brooklyn, New York, and studied English Literature at a really nice school in Connecticut. Her background is in theater, but she is happy to have made the switch to film and TV, and from the East Coast to the snow-free West Coast. Her stories tend to focus on quirky, troubled heroines trying to navigate life and love. Davita will never change her last name.

Screenwriter, Rewritten

Television Drama - A therapist helps her patients by mechanically altering their minds, only to discover that some emotions and memories may never truly be forgotten.

Kimo Shearin

Kimo Shearin was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He graduated from high school in 1986 and enlisted in the army as an infantryman, setting in motion twenty years of service that took him around the globe. He went to a community college after retiring and got into his dream school, UCLA, where an undergraduate screenwriting course changed everything. He graduated with honors in 2010 and immediately set out on the path of becoming a screenwriter, enrolling in the film school’s Professional Program. He continues to attend UCLA, pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in screenwriting.

Screenwriter, Localized Damage

A contract killer escapes despair over his wife’s traumatic brain injuries by hunting a legendary assassin hiding on the Big Island of Hawaii only to find a man harboring the key to renewed hope.

Alaric Alexander Smeets

Alaric Alexander Smeets was born in New York to a Norwegian mother and a Dutch-Caribbean father. After a youth spent on the island of Curaçao, its multicultural society making an inedible mark on his creative development, Alaric moved to Amsterdam to study Media Studies. Upon completion of his B.A., the following years were dedicated to producing and directing a feature length documentary, producing a TV pilot and shooting, directing and editing numerous commercials. It was after a four-year stint on Curaçao that Alaric finally decided to merge his two passions, for film and writing, and applied and was accepted to UCLA. A devourer of anything Sci-Fi, his writing generally leans towards epic Sci-Fi and action/adventure, with a focus on themes of identity. In November of 2012 Alaric was awarded First Prize in the Samuel P. Goldwyn Writing Awards.

Screenwriter, Boarders

Television Drama - A sexually nascent boy is sent to a ‘prestigious’ International Boarding School for a first-rate education but finds the most important lessons are learnt outside of the curriculum.

Screenwriter, Life on Mars

What if the first American on Mars was a corpse?

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is a writer and graphic designer with a background in theatre. Most recently, her play The Duo was featured in the 2013 Off Center Festival at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts (Orange County) and Moving Arts’ The Car Plays: San Diego at La Jolla Playhouse. In 2012, her play South of Liberty was part of the Botanicum Seedlings development series at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum. Her plays have received staged readings with Moving Arts, Syzygy Theatre Group, The Road Theatre Company and The LA Writer’s Center, where she is also a member. Jessica is currently pursuing her MFA in Screenwriting at UCLA. She holds a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Southern California and is the owner of Hive Creative Studio. [www.hivecreativestudio.com]

Screenwriter, The Route

A graveyard shift waitress, struggling to dispose of the toxic relationship in her life, takes a job as a sanitation worker.

Dawn Spinella

Raised in Northern California by social escapists, we didn't have electricity or running water most of my young life. I relied on my imagination to fill in the blanks. Upon our returned to civilization, I discovered central heat and air and like Scarlett O'Hara, I vowed that I would never be cold again. I worked as a creative director in commercial production, earned my SAG card, and honed my directing chops in the theatre. My childhood, as well as the years spent in the U.S. Army as a journalist, strongly influence my character. As a writer, those two extremes in lifestyle instilled in me a great love of deeply flawed paradoxical characters who thrive on action, love family and say lots of inappropriate things. Since becoming a mother to a beautiful little girl, I've taken on the crusade to stop violence against women and girls and was honored to direct Kathleen Chalfant in Eve Ensler’s V-Day Sacramento several years ago. We had a sold-out 1200- seat house and raised $40,000 for that one performance. Though I’ve written in several genres, I find science based action thrillers wildly compelling. Recently, I won the Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Competition at UCLA. Please contact me for additional ideas I have in development.

Screenwriter, The Tour

Television Drama - Arrogant, hot-shot athlete Lucas Coppi is recruited into professional cycling-- where life is survival of the fittest--but when his teammate dies during the Tour de France, Lucas is forced to examine and question the lengths to which he'll go to become the greatest cyclist in history.

Screenwriter, Yoga Strong

When a lazy, shallow and unmotivated dude is dumped by his yoga Goddess girlfriend, he vows to win her back by becoming yoga strong, but with the help of his new yoga guru, he learns that true love isn’t about the size of a thong.

Teresa Sullivan

A second year MFA Screenwriting candidate, Teresa Sullivan co-­wrote a one hour drama pilot, “Doubleblind,” the first ever pilot to be produced at UCLA. Award-­winning television director Rod Holcomb will oversee the production in April 2013. Teresa has also written a short, “City Bus” which is being produced by James Franco. In 2012, she wrote a short, “Lucky Day,” which was produced as part of the Bobby Moresco Initiative. She was one of a select group of graduate students chosen as a member of the UCLA Film Lab to represent the school at the Telluride Film Festival in 2012.

Screenwriter, Lorigan's Light

Trapped in a deadly hurricane at a lighthouse off the Carolina coast, a troubled woman battles to save herself and her grandmother, who, in the face of death shares life-altering family secrets with her.

Shruti Swaminathan

Shruti Swaminathan is a young screenwriter from India. A recent graduate of Visual Communication and a professional stage actor/dancer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, she had written a number of short stories, short scripts and stage plays before being accepted into the MFA Screenwriting programme at UCLA. She considers herself ‘logically challenged’, and her greatest fear is becoming cynical. She writes stories of the land she is intimately familiar with, and loves getting into the minds of her characters.

Screenwriter, Maya

MAYA, A middle aged first generation Indian-American woman no longer able to connect with her family, rediscovers herself through her childhood passion, classical dance, centuries old love poems, and a young unreal stranger.

Linda Sweigart

Linda Sweigart is a feature writer who left ten years of production experience in animation and live action, in order to follow her passion of screenwriting. She comes from El Paso, TX and is fluent in English and Spanish. She’s also a mean salsa dancer and is passionate about travel, tennis and her new hobby Crossfit. She can roll her r’s better than Zsa Zsa Gabor and loves anything Mediterranean.

Screenwriter, The Good Latina

A cynical Latina DEA Agent must bring down a notorious drug lord, but when she realizes his power is tied to the occult, she must embrace dark magic to defeat it.

Tyler Theofilos

Tyler Theofilos is a comedy writer and word generalist working toward his MFA in screenwriting at UCLA. He has written nine feature screenplays and two television pilots, in addition to co-writing three animated pilots. His work has earned quarter-finalist in the Nicholl Screenwriting Competition and semi-finalist in the Bluecat Screenplay Competition. Tyler is also a co-founder of Switchblade Comb Productions, an animation development company. He graduated from Yale University in 2008, where he studied contemporary poetry and then promptly forgot it.

Screenwriter, Cold Capes

Television Comedy - When a superhero catches his girlfriend cheating on him, he decides to give up on saving people. But to keep an eye on him, the Superhero Guild forces him to live with other former heroes while he attempts to rebuild his life.

Screenwriter, U.S.O.

A dumb-as-bricks rock band ventures to Afghanistan on a USO tour. But when an attack on the base grounds the band, a by-the-books female corporal must sneak them to an extraction point before they’re killed by terrorists.

Jackie Vleck

Jackie Vleck is a screenwriter, producer, comedienne and L.A. resident. She worked in feature development for several years at Red Wagon Productions, SONY Studios, Nickelodeon Movies, and later as a Creative Executive for producer Paul Hall. Jackie received her first televised writing credit for the ESPN 30 for 30 film MARION JONES: PRESS PAUSE and recently completed a rewrite on the micro-budget feature ADDICTED for Lionsgate. She is currently working on the half-hour pilot, BAD TEACHER, for CBS. Jackie enjoys baked goods, any Real Housewives franchise and performing stand-up. She does not like Sloppy Joes, sneezing or sharks. During her time in the UCLA Screenwriting MFA Program, she's won the Stephen Gershenson Award for Comedy Writing and the Milton Sperling Fellowship for Excellence in Screenwriting. Jackie also received an Honorable Mention in last year’s Screenwriters Showcase for her drama pilot, CODE ADAM. Her other drama pilot, HEAVY, is being featured as one of four finalists in this year's Producers Marketplace.

Screenwriter, Milo the Terrible

Television Comedy - A single camera comedy where the worst vampire ever (he sucks at it) pursues his Hollywood dreams while balancing a relationship with his girlfriend, who has no idea about his "problem."

Wenyi Wu

WENYI WU: Originally majored in Finance, finished her undergraduate in China in the June of 2011, later went to the United States for the UCLA screenwriting MFA program in September 2011. Speak Mandarin and English. Specialty is character drama, magical realism and thriller.

Screenwriter, The Immoral Ones

Sets in the background in mainland in China through 1931 to 1990, it tells three romance of a woman with three men: first love, husband and ultimate timeless lover and how she and her lover’s “immoral” pursuit for love has to be confronted by the moral judgment of the society and how their love survives from the test of the war, the national famine and the culture revolution.


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