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CFP: She is Hysterical. Hysteria, Politics, and Performance Strategies (Conference and Publication UCLA) – Deadline 30 July 2018


Spring Quarter 2018

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"Mobilizing Nausea: Asco, Style, and Latina/o Performance in Reagan's America"

Guest lecturer:
Professor Joshua Guzman
April 26, 2018, 3:30pm.
Location - TBA

This talk focuses on the experimental Chicano performance art group, Asco, to explore how style, as a cultural form and sensibility, became an important tool in interrogating the limits of Chicano Nationalism in a very intesne post-1968 Los Angeles. I argue that Asco’s style of politics sought to repurpose and amplify the dominant mood of an L.A. under Reagan, both as governor and then President of the United States, into a nauseating emotional situation. Asco demonstrates how the performance of nausea activates an alternative politics that is attuned to the minor and queer forms of discontent caught between liberal complacency and the promise of social change.


Josh Guzman Bio
Joshua Guzman is Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender Studies at UCLA. He received his PhD in Performance Studies at New York University. Joshua is currently working on a book-length project tentatively titled Suspending Satisfaction: Queer Latino Performance and the Politics of Style.





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Guest lecture:
Professor Amy Cook
May 17, 2018, 3:30pm.
Location - TBA

Amy Cook is Associate Professor in English and Theatre Arts and Graduate Director at Stony Brook University. She specializes in the intersection of cognitive science and theories of performance and early modern drama. Her latest book is Building Character: The Art and Science of Casting, published by University of Michigan.




K-Pop Symposium + Dance Workshop

May 26, 2018

In collaboration with the Center for Korean Studies, CPS presents “K-Pop’s Other”, an event that explores the cultural phenomenon of “Korean pop” through questions of digital technology, aesthetics, and racial dynamics. The day-long event includes an academic symposium featuring keynote speakers, Profs. Roald Maliangkaij and CedarBough Saeji, and a dance workshop with renown K-Pop choreographer Aimee Lee Lucas.

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